Trailers with low centre of gravity for easy loading

Serie 1000

Serie 1000

  • Vertical storage possible
  • Easy securing of your load
  • Some models have tilt as standard

Small versatile trailers suitable for do it yourself purposes: from camping and leisure to moving garden waste ang goods. All trailers comes with a V-shaped drawbar that helps you in driving safely to you destination. The trailer can be easily stored in a vertical position in order to save space. Huge accessory program available. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.

Serie 2000

Serie 2000

  • 40 cm reinforced side panels
  • Low load height
  • Internal lashing eyes as standard

The 2000 series are a durable flatbed trailers that has a low load height and high reinforced side panels as standard. An easy to load trailer, they come in a range of sizes with single or twin axle and braked versions. There are also tilt versions with back panel ramps available. All versions are fitted with with internal lashing eyes for secure loading of goods. As always Brenderup offers a wide accessory program for our trailers. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.


S - Steel side panel
A - Aluminum side panel
T - Tandem (double shaft)
UB - Unbraked trailer
B - Braked trailer
D - Door (CE and 7000 series)
R - Ramp (CE and 7000 series)
W - Wide
HB - Highly built
H - High (CE)
L - Low (CE)
o - Outline (S-Series)
i - Inline (S-Series)


Example: 5420WATB3500

5420WATB3500 = Series 5000
5420WATB3500 = 420 cm long flat surface
5420WATB3500 = Wide model
5420WATB3500 = Aluminum side panel
5420WATB3500 = Tandem (dual shaft)
5420WATB3500 = Braked trailer
5420WATB3500 = Total weight