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Driving school

This is how you go the whole way and become a master of driving your vehicles. On these pages, we share our most brilliant tips so that you can have a safe and smooth drive.

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Our core values

We are proud of the quality of our trailers, including a range of now established features and functionalities, which have taken years of thorough development and refinement.

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We strive to contribute to a sustainable world through a sustainable development.

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Using the search function or the map, it is easy to find your nearest Brenderup dealer. Some are authorized dealers and this means that they are trained in Brenderup's range and have extra broad knowledge of everything that applies to trailers and peripheral products.

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With the trailer as a starting point, we at Brenderup want to solve all possible transport tasks. No wonder our range is very large and very wide. Through long experience, we know that a good trailer should have: durable construction, robust chassis, good driving characteristics and the best possible safety.


Take part in our wide range of trailers and boat trailers. Which product is right for you?


Our selection of allround trailers makes gardening simplier, safer and more enjoyable.

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Whether you're heading to a repair shop or exhibition - have a safe trip!

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Moving heavy machines, equipment or gravel has never been easier.

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All about Brenderup

When you buy a trailer from Brenderup, you get one of the best trailers on the market - but you also get so much more.

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