1. Winch and hydralic tip is standard
  2. Standable mudguards
  3. Welded chassi
Twin axle - low built car transporter. Smart details and durable construction makes this trailer a first-hand choice for example mechanics and racecars. The trailers comes in different lengths and widths. Hydraulic tilt, winch and ramps are standard equipment. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.

Features and benefits

Standable mudguards

Standable mudguards and extra steps for easier access to the machine loaded on the trailer

Anti slip ramps

Anti slip ramps for secure loading of your car

Jockey wheel

Jockey wheel included as standard equipment for easy handling of trailer when not connected to the car

Hydraulic tip

Hydraulic tip as standard equipment

Low loading angle

A low loading angle makes it easier to load and unload cars

Welded and bolted chassi

A combination of welded parts with the benefits of the bolted parts for easy adjustments.

13-pol coil cable

A spiral cable will always try to retract to their shortest length so it will end up suspended in mid air between the trailer and the ground, the design of the cord can have that extra flexibility without putting stress on the wire inside.

Specifications Accessories Features and benefits


Article number 118847
Gross weight (kg) ? 3000
Load (kg) ? 2440
Unladen weight (kg) 560
Int dimensions (cm) ? 403x204x24
Ext dimensions (cm) ? 606x253x85
Loading height (mm) 470
Type of sidepanel Steel
Foldable back panel No
Foldable front panel No
Foldable side panels No
Tip Yes
Type of tip Hydraul-manual
Tip-protection No
Loading angle (°) 12
Winch Manual
Brakes Yes
Number of axels 2
Tyre dimension 185Rx14C
No of wheelbolts 5
Rim type Steel
Mudguards Standable
Coupling Steel sheet
Plug connection type ? Spiral
Adaptercable 13
Jockey wheel Yes

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