1. Front and back panel foldable
  2. 4 interal lashing eyes
  3. Tarpaulin buttons on side panels as standard

Single axle, high built trailer with the wheels positioned under the flatbed to allow a wide bed while keeping the width of the trailer to minimum. This model have the possibility to fold front and back panels. Accessories are available. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.



Foldable front panel

Foldable front panel to easier load the trailer and also enable you to transport longer goods.

13-pol cable

Is used because the 7-pin does not fit in with connections to all the desired functions

Foldable back panel

Foldable back panel to easier load the trailer and also enable you to transport longer goods.

Strong side locks

High quality side locks which firmly locks the back panel

Strong side panel

Firm sidepanel which increases the stability of the trailer

Foldable side panels

All sides foldable for easier loading and unloading of goods of the trailer

Cover buttons

The trailer is prepared for flat and high covers, attachment for covers pre-assembled

Internal lashing eyes

Internal lashing eyes which easily helps you to secure your load


Model 3250SUB750
Article number 311397
Gross weight (kg) 750
Load (kg) 605
Unladen weight (kg) 145
Int dimensions (cm) 205x142x35
Ext dimensions (cm) 327x150x99
Loading height (mm) 690
Type of sidepanel Steel
Foldable back panel Yes
Foldable side panels No
Foldable front panel Yes
Tip No
Brakes No
Number of axels 1
Tyre dimension 145/80Rx13
No of wheelbolts 4
Rim type Steel
Mudguards -
Plug connection 13
Plug connection type Straight
Jockey wheel No
Internal lashing eyes 4
External hooks 0
Premounted cover buttons Yes

Spare Parts

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