Trailers since 1936

Braked or unbraked? High built or low built? With or without cover or net frame. It depends on your load. Here we point out smart functions – and load you with tips and advice.

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Our most sold trailer

Safe, durable and easy to use. In addition, easy to store.

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Takes you to new adventures

It's summer time! No matter what type of boat to be transported, we have a perfect solution for you! Check our offer of boat trailers!

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Reverse with a trailer Brenderup

Reverse with a trailer

Do you get nervous when you are going out driving with a trailer? Calm, just calm. The smartest tips ...´ll find here.


By using the search function or the map it´s easy to find your local Brenderup dealer. Some are authorized retailers, which means they are trained in Brenderup’s range and have extra wide knowledge of all that applies to a trailer and it´s peripheral products.

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Trailers for all occasions

With the trailer as a starting point, we at Brenderup want to solve all sorts of transportation tasks. It’s no wonder that our range is very wide. Through long experience,we know that a good trailer should be: rugged construction, robust chassis, have good driving characteristicsand the best possible safety.

Get ready to drive with a trailer

Everything is easy when you can, but sometimes you need a boost. How fast are you allowed to drive? How heavy can the trailer be loaded? And how do you do it safely? Lean against the experience, see what the regulations says and become a master of driving your equipage.

Some good advice along the way
Get there


Brenderup Jetski trailer with rails on alloy wheels. Now at campaign price.

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Equip your trailer

How about a tip, so you lose your load in a flash? Or cover, so you do not have to expose your load? Equipped with accessory solves your trailer transporting problems more than you think.

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