Serie 4000

  1. All sides removable
  2. Flexible options to secure load
  3. Bed protected by steel profile

Serie 4000 has been constructed for contractors in mind due to the capacity provided by the high sides and under-mounted wheels. A reinforced steel profile around the bed protects the bed when using a forklift to load the trailer. Tiedown points located on the steel profile gives you easy access to secure your load. All sides are foldable and removable to allow great access and increased functionality. Wide accessory program available. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.



Heavy duty lashing eyes

Internal integrated foldable lashing eyes, inserted in the steel frame. Max 400 kg

Steel profile protects the platform

Better protection when loading goods on the trailer

Foldable and removable side panels

All sides and corner posts removable which makes it easier to load or onload goods from the trailer (driving without corner posts not allowed).

Strong side locks

High quality side locks which firmly locks the back panel
Model Gross weight (kg) Load (kg) Int dimensions (cm) Brakes Tip Compare product Quantity  


S = Steel
A = Aluminium
UB = Unbraked trailer
B = Braked trailer
T = Tandem (Double axels)
W = Wide
L = Long
R = Ramps
D = Doors
LB = Low built
HB = High built


Example: 5520WATB3500

5520WATB3500  =  Serie 5000
5520WATB3500  =  Load length (cm)
5520WATB3500  =  Wide version
5520WATB3500  =  Aluminium
5520WATB3500  =  Tandem (Double axels)
5520WATB3500  =  Braked trailer
5520WATB3500  =  Total weight (kg)

Compare products

Modell Totalvikt (kg) Inv. mått (cm) Lastvikt (kg) Tjänstevikt (kg) Bromsar Axlar Tipp Rek. pris (kr)
f144u 500 144x35x95 400 100 Ja 1 Ja 7050 Läs mer
f45u 500 144x35x95 390 110 Ja 1 Ja 7759 Läs mer