Low built autotransporters

  1. Winch and hydralic tip is standard
  2. Standable mudguards
  3. Welded chassi

Our low built car transporter have been built purely for transportation of vehicles. Smart details and durable construction makes this trailer a first-hand choice for example mechanics and racecars. The trailers comes in different lengths and widths. Hydraulic tilt, winch and ramps are standard equipment. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.



Anti slip ramps

Anti slip ramps for secure loading of your car

Welded and bolted chassi

A combination of welded parts with the benefits of the bolted parts for easy adjustments.

Standable mudguards

Standable mudguards and extra steps for easier access to the machine loaded on the trailer
Model Gross weight (kg) Load (kg) Int dimensions (cm) Brakes Tip Compare product Quantity  
Gross weight (kg) 3000
Load (kg) 2440
Int dimensions (cm) 403x204x24
Brakes Yes
Tip Yes
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Gross weight (kg) 2500
Load (kg) 1970
Int dimensions (cm) 403x194x24
Brakes Yes
Tip Yes
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S = Steel
A = Aluminium
UB = Unbraked trailer
B = Braked trailer
T = Tandem (Double axels)
W = Wide
L = Long
R = Ramps
D = Doors
LB = Low built
HB = High built


Example: 5520WATB3500

5520WATB3500  =  Serie 5000
5520WATB3500  =  Load length (cm)
5520WATB3500  =  Wide version
5520WATB3500  =  Aluminium
5520WATB3500  =  Tandem (Double axels)
5520WATB3500  =  Braked trailer
5520WATB3500  =  Total weight (kg)

Compare products

Modell Totalvikt (kg) Inv. mått (cm) Lastvikt (kg) Tjänstevikt (kg) Bromsar Axlar Tipp Rek. pris (kr)
f144u 500 144x35x95 400 100 Ja 1 Ja 7050 Läs mer
f45u 500 144x35x95 390 110 Ja 1 Ja 7759 Läs mer