Serie 7000

  1. Internal light as standard
  2. Choose between door or ramp
  3. Internal lashing eyes for secure loading

Cargo trailers developed for example builders or musicians that want to cover and be able to lock their goods. Serie 7000 come in a range of sizes and load capacities, choose between ramp or door. The interior is light due to the light transmission from the roof. Anti-slip floor and internal lashing eyes is standard. Brenderup also offer profiling on the trailer, perfect for you that want to advertise your company on the trailer. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.

Model Gross weight (kg) Load (kg) Int dimensions (cm) Brakes Door or Ramp Compare product  

Compare products

Modell Totalvikt (kg) Inv. mått (cm) Lastvikt (kg) Tjänstevikt (kg) Bromsar Axlar Tipp Rek. pris (kr)
f144u 500 144x35x95 400 100 Ja 1 Ja 7050 Läs mer
f45u 500 144x35x95 390 110 Ja 1 Ja 7759 Läs mer