Trailers low built

Stable all-round trailers with low centre of gravity for increased safety, easy loading and good driving characteristics. Equip your trailer with accessory to make it even more flexible. 

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Trailers high built

Optimal loading width of the wheels which are mounted under the platform. Foldable front- and side panels, so that you easily can load or unload the truck. In addition, the high-built platform also works as a mobile work platform. 

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Boat trailers

Trailers, boat trailers, slipway trailers – the important thing is not what you call it. The important thing is that you can quickly, easily and safely launch your plans. 

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Water sports

The easiest way to launch. With our specially designed trailers jet skis, canoes, kayaks and inflatable boats you can reach and explore new waters without worries. 

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Car transports

You’re welcome to browse our vehicle trailers, where many models have extra width or extended body whichallows for the safe and smooth transport of cars, motorcycles and scooters. 

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Multifunction trailers

Struggling with construction machinery or other heavy equipment? Our machine trailers take a huge load of your shoulders. Low centre of gravity, stable driving characteristics allow you to get your stuff on site without any hassle. 

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MC transport

Are you getting a stiff neck from turning your head to check that your bike is safe? Here’s the solution: a trailer dedicated to your MC. With light folding ramp, extendable access ramp and good driving characteristics. 

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driving school

Get ready to drive with a trailer

Everything is easy when you can, but sometimes you need a boost. How fast are you allowed to drive? How heavy can the trailer be loaded? And how do you do it safely? Lean against the experience, see what the regulations says and become a master of driving your equipage.

Some good advice along the way

Equip your trailer

How about a tip, so you lose your load in a flash? Or cover, so you do not have to expose your load? Equipped with accessory solves your trailer transporting problems more than you think.

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