Three simple steps to the right trailer



Pick a trailer type

Do you need your trailer to be a special machine trailer or a more ordinary high built or low built trailer? Would you like to be able to tip it, or does a loading ramp feel easier? Do you need removable sides and corner posts? This is where you choose the trailer that feels the most suitable for your needs. 


Choose a size

How big is the machine that you want to transport? Or how much does the gravel you need to transport weigh? What other heavy equipment might you need to transport in the future?

Add some accessories

Do you need extra protection for your equipment? A protective high cover or even a hard cover? Perhaps you have multiple machines and need more than one kind of ramp? Is your machinery heavy and you need extra shock absorbers? There is a wide assortment of accessories available for all our trailer models!


For contractors and plant users that need a safe solution to transport their machinery and excavators. Low loading angle thanks to the longer reinforced ramp. The long walkable mudguards makes it easy to step in and out of your vehicle. Bucket rest and heavy-duty jockey wheel is standard. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.


Solidly constructed, tippable trailers for professional users transporting construction equipment, cement mixers, garden equipment and the like. Tailboard with access ramp, recessed tie eyes and winch is standard equipment. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.